Intellectual Property – The Challenges of Protecting Ideas

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In this episode, I cover insights on what you need to understand when setting out on a new venture. What are the risks and opportunities you need to look into? Otherwise, you could be gambling with the future of your ventures.

Show Notes

Since for many people, an idea is their key to economic success, being able to protect its resulting output as intellectual property is crucial if the business is to succeed and grow in value. In this episode I cover:

  • The risks and opportunities to look at when starting on a new venture
  • Why intangibles such a brand name, logo and packaging play a significant role in today’s digital economy
  • Understanding the value of Intellectual Property
  • Considering Intellectual Property at the early start of your venture or project
  • Patents — what involves in securing an invention
  • Trademarks & IP - understanding what is essential when turning an idea into something concrete in the real world
  • How to set up your business for success

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