Improving Your Profit Growth by Differentiating Your Business

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In this episode, Mary Kelly, who is the author/co-author/editor of 15 books on business, leadership, productivity, and personal finance and has spent 25 years in the Navy and now she improves corporate profit growth explains her journey from being in the Navy to starting her own business and she gives some valuable tips on how to establish and differentiate your business.

Show Notes

We cover topics on:


  • How she turned speaking, consulting and advising into a business
  • She answers the questions on how she accelerated speaking right from the beginning and how she gets paid for speaking
  • How to start a business and knowing your target market
  • Understanding your target customers
  • Product differentiation
  • How to stay on top of your client’s minds
  • Productivity tips to narrow your focus, make it easier to get things done and take the right action that's going to build your business

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Twitter - @marykellyspeaks


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