How to Start An Online Business Taking Action In the Right Order

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Setting up an online business is relatively straightforward and cheap to do. You can have a basic website up and running for very little cost. That’s why it’s ideal to focus your money and energy on testing the market and properly thinking through your proposition

Show Notes


  • The more thoughtfully you implement your ideas when starting your online business, the fewer actions you’ll need to undo or redo later
  • Being mindful of where you are right now will help you to reach your end goal faster and more effectively because you can more properly plan how you will get there
  • Online businesses can be set up very inexpensively, so it’s easier to test your concepts first, and it’s extremely important to do so
  • The first decision is whether to form a company and trade with limited liability or whether to operate as a sole trader
  • One of the earliest considerations for any business will be its trading (brand) name
  • To come up with a brand proposition that’s compelling and unique involves working out your purpose, positioning, brand personality, values and more
  • Unless you’re getting a low-cost website with little functionality do take legal advice before engaging a web designer or developer
  • Avoid doing things in the wrong order and your path to success will be much swifter

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