How to Stand Out With Unique Expertise – Go Narrow and Broad

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In this episode, I talk about differentiation, why and how I differentiate myself from others providing similar skills, and how you can copy my approach to develop a unique angle.  

Show Notes

I stand out because I have developed expertise that is more unique by stepping outside the confines of my discipline.  By combining a narrow expertise in intellectual property law, with  marketing and branding. I’ve set myself apart from other IP lawyers, and branding experts, and offer a unique perspective on branding as a result.   

I share insights into why formal training is worthwhile, because we need both experience and formal qualifications. The episode includes information on how to learn new skills, drawing from Elon Musk's approach to learning about rocket science and disciplines he has no formal training in.

I discuss brand management, what it is, why it is necessary, and my goal to help SMEs to better understand what to focus on when building their brand so they can grow into an enduring brand. 

In brief the episode covers:

  • Why I believe experience alone is not enough. 
  • How Elon Musk learns complex subjects.
  • Why it’s a problem that there are so many unqualified people in marketing
  • What brand management actually means and why it matters in practice. 
  • How formal training helps fast track learning.
  • Why small businesses effectively act as if a brand is a logo and designs.
  • The problems small businesses face when it comes to building desired associations to their brand.

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