How to Protect a Trademark Internationally

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In this episode, I cover how you can protect a trade mark internationally. Trade marks are your “badge of origin”, and serve to identify your products and services.  Without trade marks, it would be impossible to find the products and services we like and to avoid those we don’t. 

Show Notes

Trade marks are tools enabling consumers to identify products and services they have enjoyed and want to buy again. It gives you rights in the country or territory where you register. In this episode I cover:

  • Trademarks protect the reputation and goodwill of a brand
  • What are the most commonly registered marks?
  • Any sign unique to your business may be registered as a trademark
  • Trademarks are territorial — you need to register in each country you intend to trade
  • Situational examples of securing trade mark rights per territory
  • How to register a trade mark 

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