Giles Edwards - Understanding Research and Diagnosis

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In this episode, Giles Edwards the founder of Gasp, an award-winning, marketing, strategy & communications agency, discusses how to effectively carry out research and how the value of research is vital.

Show Notes

He shares the holy trinity of segmentations as part of the brand strategy, his perspective on branding terminologies and insights on brand distinctiveness. 

This episode is essential for anyone wanting to better understand their market through research as Giles share’s valuable insights around this topic and a platform you can use to conduct research. 

Giles talks about the value of building an effective strategy to help your brand and business grow.  In this episode we cover:

  • Understanding client needs
  • Market research — breaking down segmentation
  • How to conduct research with valuable insights
  • The value of research to your business
  • Understanding branding & brand strategy
  • The holy trinity of segmentation
  • Terminologies on branding
  • Brand naming — distinctiveness
  • Protecting your brand’s distinctive assets

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