From Corporate Executive to Building A Personal Branding and Marketing Business

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Jeff J. Hunter builds personal brands for accomplished CEOs and founders, who are ready to leverage their business achievements to become influencers in their category.

Show Notes

He explains his processes and what are the best marketing and branding trends at the moment.

  • He has always been in IT, and got really good at one particular skill, which is virtual teams, he used to manage and build virtual teams.
  • In 2014, when he actually built out a team of his own dedicated hired them, internally, even though they're all virtually, they were all people that are dedicated to him. 
  • By 2016 he had grown from basically a company of one to two people, to over 20 contractors, that work dedicated to him, and now he has 87 people that are all 100% remote
  • Jeff looks for people that are tenured, and age isn't really the big factor for his business
  • He has two businesses, the marketing and branding agency, and 70% of his revenue comes from his second VA staffer business
  • He made a switch from being a cost for people to being a revenue driver doing marketing
  • His business has finally got to a point to where it runs itself. He doesn't do the hiring, he doesn't do the firing, he doesn't do the training. The only responsibility that he has in his business is a call at nine o'clock in the morning, that goes about one hour with his project management team.
  • It's about having a deep emotional connection to your audience. It's about being relevant and omnipresent in your industry
  • His favorite way to do marketing right now, which is totally under leveraged by most people is actually podcasting

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