How to Turn Blogging Into a Huge Income

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Dominic Wells, the founder of Onfolio helps his clients to invest in websites buying and building content websites, he explains the hardest part about a content website is getting it to rank highly in Google in the first place and how he manages to do it.  

Show Notes

He also discusses podcasting how it’s a growing media, finding a niche is super important and the ability to execute and create content that people would want to read and getting it in front of people. We discuss:

  • How Dominic started and launched his business
  • What is a content website?
  • Buying quality content websites
  • The price range of content websites
  • How you can turn blogging into something profitable
  • Podcasting & video — a growing medium for content
  • Why having a niche is super important
  • His experience creating his brand
  • Turning an active investment into a passive investment with selling websites

LinkedIn - Dom Wells
Twitter - @TeamOnFolio

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