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In this episode, Derrick Daye, of the Brand Strategy Insider shares among other insights, how founders and startups should create their brand so they end up with more than a logo. 

Show Notes

He shares what is the emotional connection for brands, the steps you need to take when you want to inject emotional connection into a brand, a brand’s social purpose and why brand essence is the heart and soul of your brand.

This episode is essential for anyone wanting to develop their brand as Derrick share’s valuable insights around this topic on building a brand from the inside out.

Derrick shares how brands are stepping up to fill the role of fixing the world where your purpose has become a conversation about your future and whether or not your business is going to earn a place in that future. In this episode we cover:

  • Business strategy & brand strategy
  • The problem of a small business when it comes to branding 
  • Creative without strategy is art
  • Tips for how to understand customers needs
  • Understanding the need for human-centric brands
  • Injecting emotion into a brand 
  • Building your brand with values
  • Does your brand need a social purpose?
  • Brand essence — the heart and soul of your brand 
  • Getting the maximum value when approaching a strategist
  • Marketing defined by Jack Trout
  • The key questions to ask to successfully position your brand 

LinkedIn - Derrick Daye
Twitter - @DerrickDaye

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