How To Understand Your Customers Better than your Competitors

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Chris Radford author of the book Attractive Marketing is a former marketing director of Pepsi and managing director at Head Sports

Show Notes

. His business, Differentiate ( supports business leaders to create better marketing and sales strategies.

  • His methodology, called The Attractive Thinking Approach is based on these five steps:
    • Pinpoint - Understanding customer problems
    •  Position - Solving them better than your competitors
    • Perfect - Creating Products customers love
    • Promote - Making sure customers can buy them
    • Pitch - Making it happen
  •  He believes that people only buy emotionally from people they like but that they also want a product that leaves them feeling in control of a situation
  • Two simple tools he recommends to understand your customers better than your competitors is a customer interview and to survey the market using a research company that provide customer panels of representative groups.
  •  Chris particularly admires Riverford the organic veg box company and their way of communicating with their customers.
  • The best way to contact Chris is at or by email at [email protected] 
  • His book Attractive Thinking 

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