Chris Kneeland on Cult Branding

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Chris Kneeland is the CEO of the Cult Collective.  He helps brand leaders embrace proven marketing principles that he discovered about becoming cult brands.

Show Notes

 He shares examples of successful cult brands and why they achieved cult status, and touches on some more recent and controversial points of cult brands. 

In this episode we look at:

  • What is a cult brand?
  • Steps in creating a cult brand
  • Controversial points of a cult brand
  • Can any type of business become a cult brand?
  • How does being cult-like as a brand help a business succeed
  • Difference between cult brands and purpose-driven brands
  • How to turn your brand into a cult brand 
  • Is your business fit to aspire to be a cult brand
  • Points about being a good product
  • Setting up a business with a brand purpose — How to get customers to care about your brand

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