What is a Business Model? Make Sure You Use The Right One For Your Business 

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Chandresh Pala is the founder of Cohezia Venture Studio, which specializes in creating innovative, scalable ventures based on digital technologies. 

Show Notes

 He shares insights on business models, developing a business and the importance of the brand name, among other things. 

In brief the episode covers:

  • Choosing the right name
  • Brand identity explained by Chandresh
  • How to create products and sell them
  • What is a business model canvas?
  • The first stage of a business —  exploration and learning
  • A brand is more than a logo — it's your interaction, the team's interaction with the client, and how the customer uses & feel the products
  • The future is about brands —  people will choose brands that are aligned with their values, their identity and their purpose
  • What should be the mindset of anyone starting a business or a new product?


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