The Why and How of A Perfect Pitch for your Business

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In this episode, Chala Dincoy, the CEO and founder of The Repositioning Expert and the host of her own podcast 'Polish My Pitch' shares the journey of how she created the brand for her business and the three ways you can differentiate your brand.

Show Notes

She also shares coaching tips and the formula to the perfect elevator pitch — how it should be based around your super niche. In this episode we cover:

  • Enhancing your coaching skills
  • The formula to a perfect elevator pitch
  • The brand Chala particularly admires
  • How to tell if a business has a good niche or not
  • Creating a brand for your business — three ways to really differentiate yourself
  • How she help’s people solve positioning challenges and grow their sales
  • The biggest mistake that's paralyzing small businesses right now
  • How she started her business and the challenges she faced
  • How she pivoted her business online once the pandemic started

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