Brand Naming Hierarchy – Essentials to Consider When Naming Your Brand

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In this episode, I focus on naming hierarchy. Should you adopt a branded house approach or go with a house of brands? 

Show Notes


This episode is essential if you want to have a deeper understanding before choosing names for your business so you understand the risks and opportunities inherent in the different options. 

I also discuss when is it appropriate to use a new brand name and the right brand architecture if you want to target different audiences when you're creating a new product subcategory or a different proposition. 

In brief the episode covers:

  • What is naming hierarchy?
  • Understanding endorsed & sub brands
  • Your brand name — the primary way buyers will remember you
  • Essential issues to consider when naming your brand
  • When is it appropriate to use a new brand name?
  • Difference between branded house and house of brands with different examples

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