Brand Names and Trademarks – What We Can Learn From Oscar Wilde

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Some of the problems stem from the fact that a name needs to do some of the heavy lifting in order to market the business, and yet if it veers too much towards a description of the services, it can’t function as a trade mark, which means everyone else can also use the name.

Show Notes

So effectively, people in that position are throwing their marketing spend down the drain, as it benefits their competitors as much as themselves.

  • When we first meet someone, that person’s handshake, their demeanour, clothes, and the way they speak all create an initial opinion about them
  • There are ways in which we all tend to feel different, even alienated from the world around us
  • A brand that attains cult status has a protective shield to stave off adversity that could seriously damage a lesser brand
  • The first impression includes the designs, but design is not the only factor that matters
  • The Name Is The Most Important Decision You Make
  • A name does indeed carry certain connotations, and is far from being just a randomly arranged set of letters
  • A lot of the big well-known companies have put a lot of thought into their names- Google based its name on a mathematical term, whilst Amazon chose its name due to its association with the South American river
  • Nowadays there is widespread awareness of the importance of being authentic
  • A brand is about delivering on a specific promise- it is something a business is known for

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