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Brad VanAuken of BrandForward, Inc. shares insights on how to rebrand, thinking through the mission, vision, values and positioning choosing the brand identity - namely the brand name, logo, colours and the like. 

Show Notes

This episode covers rebranding as Brad shares his process for transforming an organization, its products or services into a strong brand, imbuing it with an identity that gives the business human qualities. In this episode we cover:

  • Growing the brand
  • Brand identity and brand positioning
  • Branding — uniqueness or differentiation
  • Understanding the clarity of a brand’s mission
  • How designers can inject emotions into a brand
  • Importance of color in branding 
  • Icons — whether to check them before they're created
  • Components of brand identity — non-visual
  • How to communicate or brief a designers when it comes to branding.
  • The single most important issue to focus on for a business to succeed.

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