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Over the last few years, I have really enjoyed creating content to share my thoughts about brands and IP because that is how I refine my thinking and develop new ideas

Show Notes

Although it is sound advice to double down your efforts to one or two platforms, I do believe it is more important to be everywhere first. I guess I prefer to build an omnipresent brand

  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice is to engage more with others’ content if you want engagement with your content
  • Is there any point to my providing education and information for the world to freely take and use?’
  • I know this is a long-term game, and deep down I am confident the lack of massive engagement does not really matter, that I continue
  • Likes and comments aren’t the right metrics to focus on for anyone
  • Continuous improvement is something to strive for in every facet of the business, if not in life
  • Better to keep a presence on them all and then home in on improving your presence on your one or two platforms of choice in due course
  • There are a lot of silent listeners out there
  • You need clarity to build your brand, and brand strategy is something I very much help my clients with using our Brand Tuned offering

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