Understanding Secrets of Successful Sales

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In this episode, Alison Edgar known as the Entrepreneur's Godmother, who is a successful international speaker and the author of the best selling book Secrets of Successful Sale explains that sales is actually about listening and really understanding what your client needs, not what your client wants.

Show Notes

She shares the methodology around behaviours and one of the important thing in sales is to  treat people how they want to be treated and this is the key to understanding people’s behaviour. 

Alison discusses why sales for her doesn’t come from a script and it comes from a genuine interest in the customer. In this episode we discuss:

  • The story of her name Entrepreneurs Godmother
  • Her approach with mentoring and coaching
  • What brand she particular admires
  • The methodology around behaviours when it comes to sales
  • What are the limiting beliefs in sales and how you can overcome it
  • The importance of why your brand should stand out especially in the marketing space
  • Understanding the correct sales process and asking the right questions to give you the right strength and confidence
  • Dyslexia - as being the biggest challenge Alison faced at the start of her career and business and how she overcame it

Alison’s book - Secrets of Successful Sales

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