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Alex Hamilton, CEO and founder of radiant law. He took his knowledge as a lawyer specializing in outsourcing technology and commercial contracts to create a groundbreaking innovative new law type business that he built up from the ground up.

Show Notes

He speaks about his journey of founding a law company and how the business developed and sustainable.

  • There were five of us who started the business, and most of us had been partners previously, so we had lots of contacts
  • About three years in we had a rebranding exercise and came up with a current logo and look and feel which we've pretty much stuck with ever since
  • I massively underestimated how hard it would be to put a new kind of business model in place in the law, to build up the business
  • We have refined the values over the year, but it's more a question of simplifying them rather than changing them
  • Start with the customer's needs, and that is absolutely fundamental to our thinking and we do keep coming back to that
  • We distribute responsibility across the firm and you can have quite a lot of responsibility as a junior lawyer
  • We do like kind of global market data contracts or content licensing agreements or service agreements and so on
  • It is very different, I think from a traditional law firm which emphasizes, I would say autonomy of partners, in terms of they can operate anyway they like, obviously, they, in turn, require the junior lawyers working for them to work in very particular ways
  • What we found most successful is feeding data back to the individual team members so they can always see how they're doing
  • a lot of companies were sceptical about buying remote legal services, and have accepted it now in view of the lockdown

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