How to Manage a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

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Alex Bodini is an e-commerce entrepreneur running 5 businesses including the UK’s #1 social media agency, Spin Brands. He explains how he helps business scale using digital marketing and how to achieve engagement on your social media.

Show Notes

He shares their business and brand journey, how they evolved their business, their mission and the values that created their identity. In this episode we cover:

  • Alex’s views on branding 
  • What is ambassador marketing?
  • Spin Brand’s business and brand journey
  • His background and how he started his five businesses
  • How they work with clients and the challenges they had
  • The power of social media platforms to put yourself on the map
  • Achieving scale in terms of digital footprint 
  • Social media management and measuring of engagement 
  • Three things they help client’s with — organic social management, paid social media and ambassador marketing/influencer marketing

LinkedIn - Alex Bodini

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