Accountant's Perspective on IP Value and Importance of IP Foundations

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Stephen Robertson graduated with a law degree before qualifying as a chartered accountant with Deloitte.

Show Notes

 During his thirty years in corporate finance, he has worked in banking, angel investment and the PLC sector. He founded Metis Partners in 2003 to support businesses to maximise the value of their IP assets.

  • He believes in the importance of setting the foundations in place early for both a personal brand and corporate brand and not to ignore developing a solid product brand for your products so you can spin them off in the future if you choose.
  • Helps clients identify IP assets beyond traditional registrable assets such as software, trade secrets, data and analytics.
  • Strong IP has value when selling a business and when properly valued can increase the amount a seller can expect to receive.
  • Shows clients how IP can increase the value of a business when selling: for example through strong customer relationships built over time, software licences and trade secrets in the form of unique processes.
  • Helps clients understand that IP can only go onto their balance sheet at market value by separating it out of the business. Also he outlines the value in using a holding company to shield the IP assets of the business.
  • Guides clients to develop an IP strategy that is a set of objectives that protects their IP and allows their business to become more successful.
  • You can email Shireen at: [email protected] with any questions for Stephen

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