Why Fuse Brand Creation With Brand Protection

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In this episode, I want to cross the chasm that  exists between the worlds of branding and brand protection to explain IP in the context of brand creation, having seen the problems that arise when the interplay between brand and intellectual property is misunderstood.

Show Notes

I share my insights on how IP is intrinsic to business, and it’s not just a legal subject to be left to lawyers and how not to assume that a designer or marketer knows all the key information about IP.

In brief the episode covers:

  • Building your personal brand 
  • Understanding the legal aspects of naming
  • Assessing risks before applying to register a trademark
  • The IP mistake you should avoid in order to succeed in your business
  • IP is intrinsic to business —  not just a legal subject to be left to the lawyers
  • Understanding the law in what you create — what the law has to say about rights and how to secure your ownership
  • Trade mark — what you need to secure before building or creating a logos around your brand name
  • My upcoming book that aims to give a holistic view of how to bring the worlds of brand creation and brand protection together so you can get the best outcome from branding


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