Training Courses in Branding and Intellectual Property


If you are looking for a training course in branding and intellectual property take a look below to see our current offerings for Professionals and Business Owners.


Brand Tuned Accreditation Program


The Brand Tuned Accreditation Program Is a comprehensive, 12-week on demand branding 101 on how to create a new brand that is differentiated and distinctive using intellectual property strategically. Among other things the program covers what brand means and involves, how IP impacts differentiation and brand identity, how to understand customers, position a brand and make it distinctive. Everything that’s involved to create the brand strategy for a new brand is included. Learn more about the Brand Tuned Accreditation program.

Identity and Distinctiveness Program Coming Soon


Identity and Distinctiveness Program a program focused on Identity. Whenever the brand strategy involves introducing a name or other identifier it is important to understand the legal aspects of distinctiveness. This involves choosing a name that is aligned to the business strategy. Any identifiers such as symbols, characters, jingles, sounds, colours, shapes, and taglines must be legally distinctive. And the brand strategy should determine how ownership over identifiers will be secured in the short and long term, so they remain unique to the brand.

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Training for Business Owner


At this time there is no dedicated program on offer for business owners. However, the Brand Tuned Accreditation program is suitable for ambitious founders who want to understand and apply best practice insights to their own business and brand.