Creating a Kick-Ass Content Strategy - Monika Jansen 

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Monika Jansen is the head kick-ass copywriter and strategist at her boutique marketing agency, Jansen Communications.

Show Notes

 She explains how small and midsize companies can create relevant content, get it in front of their target markets, and reach their business goals.

Monika also shares her insights on how to better understand your ideal buyer and how having quality content can help and grow your brand. 

In brief the episode covers: 

  • How to know who is your ideal client?
  • Her experience in creating her brand
  • Monika’s process of helping her clients
  • Understanding the pains of your ideal client
  • How to better understand your ideal buyer?
  • Creating quality content to help and grow your brand 
  • Promoting your content online - choosing the platforms

LinkedIn - Monika Jansen

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