Creating a Kick-Ass Content Strategy   


Monika Jansen



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In this episode, Monika explains how small and midsize companies can create relevant content, get it in front of their target markets, and reach their business goals

Show Notes

I've always worked in marketing. And in my career, until I decided to start my own agency and kind of, you know, found my niche and content marketing.

While finding clients and not just I learned quickly that it wasn't just about getting clients, but getting the right clients, for me that we're a good fit. And this is something that I preach all the time now, and I'm actually very, very intentional about. I know exactly who my ideal client is, you know, high, high maintenance, clients that take a lot of time and a lot of brainpower and a lot of energy who just feels like they're sapping you.

They require more work than an ideal client who is thrilled to work with you, who's easy and pays on time. So my ideal clients, actually, it's kind of it's broad and specific at the same time. So my ideal clients, or anyone, doesn't matter. We're industry agnostic. Doesn't matter. The industry doesn't matter the size of the company. Our clients believe in marketing. They want to invest in marketing and they want to work with experts. Who will be able to deliver and help them meet their business goals?

So there's two actually, our ideal clients can be segmented into business owners, and marketing professionals. So a VP of Marketing a director of marketing within a larger organization, the business owner doesn't have the expertise or the time, and frankly, doesn't want to do marketing and just wants to hand it off to someone else. It's like hiring an accountant or hiring a bookkeeper or hiring an attorney to handle those areas of the business, that's their area of expertise, let them handle it. So you can focus on you know, what you do best, which is servicing your own clients

It can be hard to track, you know, the impact of an email campaign or social media campaign, or, you know, creating thought leadership articles and getting them out on LinkedIn or, you know, other platforms, right, like, what what is the path? What is the journey that someone takes, you know, from the initial, the initial contact, you know, with a brand through to purchase. So, yeah, again, that can be really hard to track. And it's something that drives all marketers crazy, including me.

 So let's say you're putting out some great content, you know, you're active on your blog, you send a monthly newsletter, to your client list and prospective clients, people have signed up to hear from you. You're putting stuff out on social on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, you know, whatever channel you use.

So you're sending out these messages? Well, what you want to do is get people back to your website to learn more about you maybe get them into some sort of a marketing funnel, get them to download something valuable, when they're on your website, you really need to make a huge impact and a great, great, great impression that yes, you are, you are the expert in this area, you are the person to work with. Let's start building trust, let's start building a relationship.

And if your website doesn't accurately reflect who you are, and what you do, and why you're so amazing, you're not going, to see the kind of lead generation and honestly create the brand reputation that you want your website for an especially now, you know, during the pandemic, when we're more online than we used to be, your website is really your home base.

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