Things to Consider When Hiring a Designer - Catherine Lang-Cline

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In this episode, Catherine Lang Cline the president and one of the co-creators of Portfolio Creative shares what you need to consider before working with a designer, writing your company brief with your values, mission and understanding what you are trying to deliver. 

Show Notes

This episode is essential for anyone wanting to work with designers as Catherine offers valuable tips on how to best work with a designer for developing a brand.

Catherine emphasizes the importance, at the beginning, of finding a designer that specializes or has the taste level that you have for what your end product is going to be. This avoids any disappointment. In this episode we discuss:

  • What is blanding?
  • Building your brand guide
  • How to best work with a designer
  • Catherine’s career and business background
  • Ways to commit to smaller projects with designers without spending too much
  • Understanding your brand’s purpose before looking for a designer
  • Writing a company brief — values, mission and what you’re trying to deliver

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