Why Entrepreneurial Skills Are Important - Brant Cooper

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Brant Cooper is the best selling author of the Lean Entrepreneur which is a New York Times bestseller.

Show Notes 

 In this episode he explains the skills every entrepreneur needs to have, and how these skills are important to achieving success. 

Brant shares insights from the startup world, how to create personas for your market research and how you can validate your research. In this episode we discuss:

  • Brant’s business and brand journey
  • Entrepreneurial skills — why are they important? 
  • What are the struggles of large companies
  • Understanding personas and market research 
  • What is a success indicator for a startup business?
  • What you need to know when developing or launching new products
  • How you can start discovering or validating the value that you want to bring to a market

Brant's Twitter - @brantcooper
LinkedIn - Brant Cooper
Email - [email protected] 

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