Why Entrepreneurial Skills Are Important 

Shireen Smith / Brant Cooper



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In today's episode, my guest is Brant Cooper, who explains all about the skills every entrepreneur needs to have, and how these skills can help to achieve success.

Show Notes


In this podcast he said:

So I have a background in startups and I lived through the.com boom and bust-up in the San Francisco area and ended up writing several books on Lean Startup type principles, and leading to the Lean Entrepreneur. And so then we launched Moves The Needle to take that to very large organizations that don't tend to be very entrepreneurial.

In today's day and age, this digital revolution that we're going through, what we find is there's uncertainty all across the organization. And so everybody needs entrepreneurial skills, they don't all apply them to the same degree.
The entrepreneurial skills are ones whenever you face uncertainty, you have to be in learning mode instead of just execution mode. And so that's sort of what we teach is this entrepreneurial spirit that you, you use when you're when you need to learn instead of just, you know, just execute on the existing plan.

I think the struggles with the large companies is that they know that they're not customer-centric enough. And they know that they're not agile in the sense they can't take in new information from the world and change what they're doing. And they just move too slowly. And so that's what their challenges were our challenges were really trying to find, how do we change the mindset

We were lucky to have a really sharp designer, as one of our early co-founders, he ended up dropping out. But he was super talented. And, and so he chose our colours, and he developed the logo, and he just really gave us a solid feel. I think that that was who we were, I think we didn't really go through any of the traditional branding exercises that you hear about it. I was a marketing guy for a while in my startups. And so I've been through that I sort of understand branding, to a certain degree, I'm no expert like yourself, but a lot of that stuff, I feel is not that at least from the, from the brand artifact side, a lot of that stuff is not that important at the beginning

Startups don't even know who their customer is. Right? And so if they, it's just sort of one of these things were often young entrepreneurs getting advice from people. The first people they get plugged into are lawyers and marketers. And they can spend a lot of money on both without actually even understanding what their business is yet.

There was an entrepreneur I was helping in Madison, and he had this app that you choose an article of clothing, and then you'd hit a shuffle button and it would finish the wardrobe. And I'm all like oh yeah, that's pretty cool. So you know, what's your problem? What, how can I help you? And he said I need 1000 customers? And I said, Well, how many do you have? And he said, zero. And I said you don't need 1000 you need one? Go find one person who's willing to push that shuffle button, you know, go out, go out into the streets and see if you can interest anybody. And so I think, yeah, so that's how I think about, you know, going out and discovering customers, we love creating personas that try to describe who these different market segments might be

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