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Mark Ritson answers some of the burning questions I had around understanding the market and differentiation and positioning, specifically the U and the E elements of my TUNED framework. 

Show Notes

I asked him about business strategy positioning and brand strategy, what he thinks of Byron Sharps views on differentiation and distinctiveness, whether it is possible to own a particular attribute and how brand strategy is dealt with in the household name brands Mark consults with. I also wanted to know Mark's views on brand purpose. 

In this episode Mark and I discuss:

  • Rebranding
  • Brand purpose
  • Market research
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business and brand strategy
  • The business model for an idea
  • Standing out with your purpose
  • Mark’s views on Transferwise’s rebranding to Wise
  • The difference between brand and marketing strategy

LinkedIn - Mark Ritson
Twitter - @markritson 

Mini MBA in Brand Management by Mark Ritson 


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