• Brand Tuned provides consultation and coaching support for business owners or branding professionals who want advice on any aspects of their branding projects.
  • Unlike larger businesses small businesses do not employ brand managers. Therefore, they lack the knowledge and expertise that a brand manager brings to a business. The founder has no independent advice on branding, marketing or intellectual property.
  • Getting guidance before choosing a supplier, be it a branding agency or a lawyer to work with is the ideal way to avoid making a mistake. Poor advice takes up your time and limited resources, so this can be an excellent way to use the service.
  • Marketers, designers and business consultants have no external source of specialist support to turn to for brand related advice including on the law. Consultation or coaching can plug the gap.


Decide which option is the right one for you.

Consultation £450 plus VAT is available on any aspect of branding, including understanding the legal checks that are prudent to undertake before finalising a name, or symbol or other brand identifiers. The consultation can cover any question related to the brand. Examples include:

  • What skills should my lawyer have, and how do I source the right one?
  • Which type of branding professional is suitable for my project?
  • What legal agreements do I need with my branding professionals?
  • What legal agreements does my branding agency need to put in place?
  • How do I do my own due diligence checks or identify the right classes to search?

These are just a few examples to illustrate that you can use the consultation service for any aspect of branding or intellectual property.


Coaching starts from £2500 plus VAT Where longer term support is need, such as to work out what name to use for your brand, how to brief your lawyers to do the right legal checks, what to think about when creating your brand. Coaching could focus on: 

  • What to do to work out how to position your brand.
  • How to build your business using the positioning strategy you choose.
  • What to focus on creating for your visual identify.


Note that if you require professionals to do legal checks for you or to create your brand, then Brand Tuned would not be the right service for you.

Neither the consultation nor the coaching service would undertake any clearance checks or creation of designs. Brand Tuned just provides advice so you can understand the risks and get access to the right guidance to develop your branding by identifying suitable suppliers to work with.


Whether you are a business owner undergoing branding for the first time, contemplating changes to your existing brand name or visual identity, or want new packaging designs, or are embarking on a new marketing campaign, our consultation or coaching offering is the way to access the brand management support you need. We are well placed to know what really matters, what services you should purchase and from whom, because we have nothing to gain from any of our suggestions. We would not be registering any IP rights for you, nor would we be doing any clearance searches for you, or offering you a branding or marketing service. This is pure advice to give you information, knowledge and skills that is missing in your business.

The service is equally suitable for brand managers, designers, marketers and business advisers who want to access expert guidance on aspects of their projects whether on a one off basis, or on an ongoing basis.



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